Timezones & Report Regeneration
Posted almost 2 years ago

We've been hard at work over the last couple of weeks to flesh out upstatus.io with requested features. One of the biggest issues for our users was not having the ability to set their timezone, making them do calculations to find out when a report or log was created, so we've fixed that! You can now set your timezone and every date will be displayed to you in your local timezone.

We've heard from a few users that they'd like to run the pagespeed report when they've made an update to their site, instead of waiting until the next day, so we've done that too! With just a click of a button, it'll send off one of our workers and within 10 or so seconds, you'll have your next report.

Regenerate Reports
Go to 'Pagespeed', create a report for one of your websites, and instead of waiting for the next check, click on 'Regenerate Report'

Go to 'Settings' and select your timezone. You'll probably need to refresh your cache, but after that your monitors and reports will be displayed in your timezone.

We've got plenty of new features on the go, especially when it comes to our pagespeed reports, giving you much more detail and in-depth information to help you improve your website. We're also adding in more integrations for our alerts, allowing you more ways to get notified of issues on your site.


Martin McDermid
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